Building Information Modelling (BIM)


BIM describes the process of designing a building collaboratively using one coherent system of computer models. BIM is not a new concept and has been used worldwide for over a decade.  At Gandy and Roberts we believe that the use of BIM and associated technologies offers multiple benefits for any design and construction project.

BIM embraces disruptive technologies that modernise and improve workflows in the building sector, and offers potential for considerable cost savings, design improvements, greater accuracy in estimation and reduction of errors, alterations and rework.

The benefits of BIM are best realised through an actively managed and coordinated approach with skilled project partners. This mitigates project risks for investors, developers and project partners alike.  An uncoordinated approach using BIM on projects and internal processes offers few advantages over traditional documentation methods, and will invariably end in frustration for those involved.



Gandy and Roberts BIM Consulting services


Gandy and Roberts Consulting Engineers is involved in many landmark projects in Tasmania where BIM processes have the potential to deliver a better project outcome for clients.

Unfortunately the local building industry is challenged by a variety of hurdles currently preventing a wider adoption of BIM:

  • Unsatisfactory experiences and examples of BIM application on previous projects
  • Hesitation of developers and property owners to invest in BIM technologies
  • Skills shortages
  • Lack of technical support

BIM can be challenging to mandate and implement when there is variance in the understanding and focus of parties involved in a project. As independent BIM Consultants with design and BIM experience in all relevant disciplines, Gandy and Roberts is well placed to offer guidance to investors, designers and builders on BIM implementation and execution strategies. Our aim is always to improve overall efficiencies on specific projects and provide practical benefits to our clients.

Gandy and Roberts has been supporting various project partners with the technical expertise to use advanced BIM technologies on projects for mutual benefits, and offer all the services listed below.  To offer the best possible solutions for your BIM project, we are partnering with dedicated local experts in the field of surveying, shop detailing and building services.


Project specific BIM implementation and coordination services

  • Setup of BIM Execution Plans (BEP/BMP) and other BIM guidelines
  •  Coordination and auditing of BIM deliverables
  • Setup framework for clash detection and project coordination in Navisworks
  • Create LOD500 As-Build models for Facility/Lifecycle Management
  • Integration of shop detailing (Steel, Precast) into BIM process
  • Recommendations for local BIM project partners


BIM Implementation Services and project support for consultants

  • Strategic planning and execution of BIM implementation on the Autodesk Revit platform and associated software for your company
  • Revit Template and Revit Family library setup (Arch, Struct, MEP)
  • Advice  for project coordinators around the BIM setup process
  • Compliance with project BIM requirements
  • Formal technical training on Revit (Arch, Struct, MEP), Advance Steel, Navisworks
  • On the job training and modelling assistance
  • Create or update design models to LOD300/350/400


BIM for construction

  • Project support to improve the  BIM skills of your team allowing you to adhere to BIM project requirements
  • Setup project platforms to utilise digital models on site
  • Site set out based on the model information
  • Integration of Point Setout/Layout technology for faster and more reliable site set out
  • Verification of As-Built against As -Designed for QA, using Point Cloud Technology
  • Create or update design models to LOD300/350/400