UTAS ‘The Hedberg’ 
Creative Industries and Performing Arts Centre


State of the art performance and teaching spaces adjacent to the Theatre Royal in Hobart's historic Wapping precinct.

Project Budget



Liminal Architecture (Hobart)

WOHA (Singapore)


University of Tasmania




Structural and civil engineering services in partnership with ARUP (Melbourne)



A high degree of architectural detailing and acoustic performance combine to make this building a challenging design and documentation exercise for all concerned. The internal spaces are utilised for a number of purposes ranging from performance and recording to teaching and administration.

The development occupies a former open carpark space in an area of Hobart which has hosted many other buildings and industries in the past. The resulting in-ground conditions were difficult, and the presence of the Hobart rivulet adjacent to (and encroaching upon) the site created further challenges.

In addition to the new build, with its irregular geometry and cavernous performance spaces, the project retains the heritage listed Hedberg Garage façade and connects with the adjacent Theatre Royal to provide additional foyer space.


Whilst construction has only just commenced, we anticipate that the project will provide Hobart with world class acoustic performance spaces which adds to other nearby venues (i.e. City Hall, Federation Concert Hall and the Theatre Royal) to create a theatre district. Given its striking appearance and teaching role it should provide a much needed boost to the vitality of an under utilised section of the city.